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The Movie Experience at Downtown Centre 7

888 Marsh St., San Luis Obispo, CA, 93401
(805) 546-8600

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Movies Showing at The Movie Experience at Downtown Centre 7
Today, Wednesday, Oct 1
Drama, Thriller, Action - R
2:30 5:30 8:30
Drama - PG
1:45 4:45 7:30
Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
3:30 6:40
Drama - R
2:30 5:00 7:30
Animated - PG
2:10 4:30 9:25
Animated - PG
Thriller, Action - R
1:00 3:55 6:45 9:40
Thriller, Action - PG-13
Comedy - R
2:20 4:40 7:10 9:40
Horror - R
Location & Nearby Info
The Movie Experience at Downtown Centre 7
888 Marsh St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 546-8600
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Reviews & Comments
1 review
May 14, 2008 - Bradmorris
San Luis Downtown Centre 7 Cinema theater complete ripoff

Downtown Centre 7 Cinema San Luis Obispo
Phone: 805-546-8600

888 Marsh Street
San Luis Obispo, California, 93401


I am filing a complaint about the Downtown Centre 7 Cinema in San Luis Obispo
for many reasons.

This movie theater is runned by a bunch of Cal Poly or Cuesta College students. Their service is terrible as what you pay for isn't what you get. Movie tickets continue to increase and nothing gets updated at this place.

I noticed many times ticket staff reading or studying textbooks in the ticket booths, ignoring people waiting in line. They are slow, they really take their time when you pay for a movie ticket. Discounts are nothing, if your a child or serior, really a no big breaks on discounts so small but more than what student get for discounts example.

The theater is dirty and the seats are horrible. You walk in, you see plenty of people leaving their feets on the chair where the ushers do nothing to ask them to put their feet down. They don't even bother to come in and inspect the audience at all. Forget it if you have a noise complaint or tell them to do something when their is a complaint in the theater. People come in, sit in front of you, you have to move to another seat where no one is in front of you because the theater is flat, all of them are. When people leave their feet on the chairs in your roll, you can feel it like someone is kicking the chairs, even from the oposite side. It sucks and the seats are sticky with coke and candy. Also the theater screens have spots on them and on top of that, the audio or stereo quality is aweful.

I mean really, they raise their prices all the time and they can't update anything or make changes to make customers happy.

On top of that, they ignored my complaint, they never responded to my letter and if they did, I would post it to show their response.

Listen, I know the movie business is a rip off and theaters are losing money from these so called greedy actors asking too much to work 2 months or so and walking away with $5, $10, $15 million and more and on top of that making the royalities on the film for years to come. I know it sucks that theaters have to pay big bucks and rent these expensive films. I agree, everyone is getting ripped off everywhere.

I am making a rip off complaint though to explain that here is a theater that is doing nothing about it. I remember in 2004, they stopped a movie on a Jim Carey film asking for donations but ask Jim Carey, he makes $20 million per film but asking people who have an average low salary living or even students to donate? I don't disgree with donating money, I disgree who they are asking. Do you think it is right to ask someone who makes $7.50 an hr versing an $20 million dollar actor? There are some many actors in the big screen films that are making $40 million a year or less or more but seeing a movie is not cheap anymore. Less people are going since inflation started in 2003 and now in 2007, people are complaining about going to the movies. People are not getting what they pay for but the actors, producers, the directors and so one are walking away rich.

However just let me make this simple rip off report to example on how some movie theaters are just ignoring the problems and doing nothing about it.

If Downtown Centre 7 Cinema San Luis Obispo changes, great I will recommend them and send a letter of recommendation to them if they do but when the years they started back in 1994 till now, they have done nothing to improve and people, this theater does make money. They have full shows and I know if there was a choice people would go somewhere else but San Luis Obispo is limited for movie theaters, where have 3 in this town and one International film theater called the Palm theater wish I love this place.

Anyway if you are thinking about go to the Downtown Centre 7 Cinema San Luis Obispo, think twice and go to another theater where it is cheaper with better service.

There bathrooms are dirty as well and to think how many staff they have running the place, the place is not getting special attention for quality



Have a complaint, forget it no response but take a look anyway:

Dear Managers:

It has been a few days since I have wrote in concerns about the San Luis Obispo Downtown Theater and I am waiting for a response but no answer. I also had some friends who also wrote Movie Experience and complained as well, no answer either. I have spoken to a local journalist and talked about your movie theater, who willing be writing about the ticket prices and what to expect. I am considering of posting my concern on Public Access television and on Youtube.com about the San Luis Obispo Downtown Theater. When someone purchases a movie ticket and they see theater employees studying for a test with one hand accepting cash and the other hand with a book in it, that tells you from the start management is not doing it's job. Kicking seats, noises in the theater, dirty theaters and dirty screens for example when the price continues to go up and up but not one thing is being done with the price. I am informing the media that this is ridiculous what your doing as a business and robbing people for entertainment. I have this rip-off report listed here which shows that complaints can be posted for viewing. I am so dissatisfied with the San Luis Obispo Downtown movie theater and also the one on Monterey street as well which is even worse (prices there went up twice last year $6.00, $6.50 and then $7.00 in the run down one next to the Fremont).

I am doing you a favor about reporting some problems I see but also the expenses it cost, it is expensive. I am not convinced your company will do a thing about anything reported especially talking with one of your downtown managers, certainty says that things are not going to change. I am asking you to take a deeper look at the San Luis Obispo Downtown Theater and what a mess it is. I have thought about taking interviews outside the San Luis Obispo Downtown movie theater with a friend and my 3CCD movie camera and interviewing movie goers by having them speak their minds about their movie experience. Every year San Luis Obispo has a movie Festival and I am going to discuss it with people about the San Luis Obispo Downtown Theater.

San Luis Obispo Downtown movie theater

I believe that the issue should be heard and people ought to know about the San Luis Obispo Downtown Theater and people's own opinions. If you choose to just ignore the complaints, that's fine but when San Luis Obispo is almost run on a movie theater monopoly from basically one theater or owning 80% of it, the public has the right to know what people are forced to pay and what they are not getting for their hard earned money.


First response, no reply

Dear Manager

I am concerned on the price increases with your SLO Downtown movie theater. I have seen the prices change almost 3 times in 2007. Matinee's hours changed without notice when we went to a 4:10 movie last year (the matinee changed and was not listed on the paper or internet when the change was made) and were changed full price since night times are too expensive (matinee times are all till 6PM at all theaters except yours). I used to attend your movie theater every Friday with my friends 4 years ago but because of the money ticket prices, we never go anymore.

The concern is the price way too high, even the matinee price is too high; it is hardly different than the regular price (a $1.00). I remember when your theater was built back in 1994 and it has never been upgraded since then. I mean the increases has not changed the theater quality at all such as the bathrooms, the theater seats, the carpets are all very dirty. I look at the screens and there is Coke soda spots on the screen and some gum spots as well; whatever it is, it is visible and dirty. The seats also, you have so many people putting their feet on the seats by kicking them (as the seats are not solid to the ground, they wiggle and makes noises) distracting other guests but also students talking out loud where your staff never secures the theaters with disruptions. I go to the front desk and I see staff sitting around doing nothing to direct a complaint about kicking seats and people talking, one person went out in the theater once, where talking started allover again and your staff never came back to ensure the complaint. I went back and saw your ticket booth staff reading text books (2 women) on the ticket counter like they were studying for class. I felt this place has no manager but when I finally found one, the movie was over. A manager named Heather really did nothing to go out of her way to fix the problem I reported (I mean she just did not take the matter seriously). I also mentioned the prices are expensive and there is nothing being done to improve the theater, she told me that she has no control of that issue. I said to her why is your staff sitting around not patrolling the theaters for talking, feet on the chairs, cleaning the bathrooms, finding things to do when they are on the payroll but they are reading text books and talking. I said who is in charge of that? She had no reply but said we’ll have someone go out and ask people to stop talking. I mean only one time someone can out to look at the present theater for about 2 minutes and left. I was offered nothing from your manager and I feel she was not doing her job.

The price you pay really is not consistent for what you get. I feel the price is a rip off and is not the greatest place to see a movie anyway (because the screens are small). Personally I think the price needs to come down where you need to try to convince people to go the movies again (the visitation is a lot less than it has been for example, the price is effecting people to go as I have asked people the same question). I think there needs to be a serious change with your movie theater such as hiring a new manager and trying to deal with the current poor economy to ensure movie goers to go again. The price needs to come down and you need to hire less staff but more productive. When you see staff sitting around, not taking their jobs seriously and the manager is part of the problem, then something needs to be done.

I feel the price of the ticket is really worth $4.00 for a matinee and a night cost is worth $6.00 for example but $7.00 for a matinee and $8.00 to $$8.50 is outrageous. When I see a movie at your theater, I feel I spent too much every time. I would rather drive to another theater and than visit the Downtown SLO Theater because of how unhappy I am with your theater. There are places you can see movie’s for under $5.00 (night or day) in San Luis with new seats, new screens and are also cleaner.

Please try to make some changes as San Luis Obispo is not a rich town. When the price is right then people will go more often but if you keep increasing again and again, you are ultimately hurting people’s pockets. You should try a new strategy for the SLO Downtown Theater and make some changes by keeping the prices down if you can’t upgrade anything then you should do something about the price and the service.


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